Authentic Kaiseki Cuisine

Comparable to the French Haute Cuisine, Kaiseki is a sophisticated style of Japanese cuisine known for its meticulous preparation and beautiful presentation based purely on Japanese culture and aesthetics. It is a type of art form that balances taste, texture, appearance and colors together into the most enjoyable dishes. Because of this, it is known as the most expensive type of Japanese food, and is often enjoyed only among the aristocratic circles around the Japan.

Kaiseki courses are served one-by-one in a prescribed order, starting from appetizers consisting of “Kobachi” (Small dish), “Mushimono” (Steamed dish), “Onmono” (Warm dish), and “Mukouzuke” (Sashimi). The main dishes that follow are “Azukebachi”, “Nimono” (Boiled dish), “Yakimono” (Grilled dish), and “Agemono” (Fried dish). Then, the meal part of the course ends with “Hanmono” (Rice), “Shirumono” (Soup), and “Tsukemono” (Japanese Pickles) to fill up your stomach before ending with a sweet Japanese dessert.

Although there is a strict order regarding the flow of the Kaiseki course, each Kaiseki chef has considerable freedom to add, omit or substitute courses in order to highlight regional and seasonal delicacies and personal style.

At Umenohana, our expertise lies not only in the art of Japanese cuisine, but also in Japanese aesthetic roots and culture. Through our careful selection of the right ingredients, presentation, store decorations, and our well-trained staffs, we proudly present to you the most authentic form of the Japanese dining culture: the Kaiseki cuisine.