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Tofu tendencies
The Set-Up

When yakiniku grilling, izakaya glass clinking and shabu shabu dipping become blase, maybe it's time to consider a more high-brow Japanese dining experience. Brought to you by S&P, Umenohana (plum blossom) has just opened its only branch outside Japan in Bangkok to serve you a multi-course Japanese feast called kaiseki. Decor-wise, Umenohana makes you feel like you've set foot in a Japanese inn. After taking off your shoes, you can feel the tatami under your feet as an attentive and courteous waitress leads you to your table. There are five rooms for private dining and two rooms with tables that accommodate two to four people each. The serenity and tradition in the air make me feel like I should have worn brand new socks. The lunch crowd is largely Japanese, with housewives at lunch and families at dinner.


There are four kaiseki sets on offer, each containing more than 10 items from appetisers to dessert. People with a hankering for tofu should try Umenohana zen (B1,050++). It opens with a bouncy cube of Mineoka tofu that breaks into mild sweetness. Get several textures in one roll with Zuwai kani yuba maki. Let Fuku fuku tofu simmer down in its pot then add either veggie or pork gravy for a moderately flavourful result. Umeyu zen (B2,850) offers better variety with some of the same tofu dishes as well as crab dishes. Wield a crab fork like a tiny samurai sword as you tackle Hon taraba seiro mushi and Zuwai kani su. The delicate flesh of both crabs is enhanced with a zesty sauce. Umenohana also offers a la carte menu and lunch sets.


Tofu and crab dishes are their specialties. They operate on a first-come-first-served basis so we recommend booking a private room (without extra cost) a few days in advance.

Social Media Moments

Every dish in the sets deserves space on your Facebook timeline as they are presented with style. The piece de resistance of the place is a fake sakura tree that greets you in the corridor so your gang should gather around it for a snap (V hand gestures optional).

Value & Verdict

Banknotes may fall from your wallet like sakura petals blowing in the wind if you go for the kaiseki experience at Umenohana. However, each set is packed with enough dishes to satiate a sumo so the pricing isn't outrageous. It's well worth the spend if you have the means and motivation. G

- Pornchai Sereemongkonpol

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